"In most things I see beauty, 

in sketching these wonderful ladies I see nothing else........" 

Hello & welcome to my corner of cyberspace.

My drawings are based on real ladies with whom I have had the honour to meet in person or through online contact only, abstracted to how I see them.   Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and is often more on the inside than the outside.  I project any beauty I see to the outside.  If I don't see inner beauty, no art is produced.

For the rare visitor who is offended by such images and think I am objectifying ladies to look like Barbie Dolls or Lara Croft, whilst I loved playing with my sister's Barbie and Ken set and would like a dinner date with Lara I say this - if you don't love yourself no one else will do that for you!  Your challenge is to understand the art as I have explained it above.  No more no less.

My art base is a mixture of hand sketching and colouring (your body art, hair, eyes, nails, makeup), which is then digitally scanned and added to 3D computer rendering for the various body shapes, poses and clothing and special 3D rendering software for light, shadows and backgrounds.  

If you look closely you will see the images have real skin and real eyes!  This is known as alternate media art where real skins and eyes are added to the computer media.  The finishing touch is all the hand work I do on the body art and make up.

Some of my original inspiration comes from the creation of concept erotic comic charactors that I comissioned through Garv Graphx.  Some of my work is influenced by my hero worship artist Nemain Ravenwood.  She taught me that 'less is more'.  After seeing the work of this amazing woman I was hooked and learnt the craft myself.

If you ever want to be sketched, drop me an email - all of my sketches are no cost but I am very selective regarding who I sketch (if I have referred you to this website then I see you as art worthy already so let me know if you want to be sketched).

I have some criteria for sketching:

  • I need no direction from you - my art is how I see you

  • Nude posing is not essential - I have a very vivid imagination!





You can click onto Rosie's image opposite to see the full detail version.  No, Rosie does not exist unlike the others below!  She is indeed all in my mind (I seem to have a lot of fun in there). 

The rose tattoo above took longer to create than Rosie herself!  It took many attempts to get it how I wanted it!  So much so I trade marked it!  (sad but true - see Trademark 1411290 at IP Australia)


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She - represents everything that I find beautiful in a woman and is a celebration of all the wonderful ladies I have had the honour and pleasure to meet over my art career.  In her faraway eyes, a multitude of opportunities exist, the possibilities are endless.  She is indeed the Alpha and Omega for all that is amazing in womenkind.

Does such a woman exist? Of course! Part of her is in all of the women I have ever laid eyes on in my life and I am thankful for them all.


Bev - wonderful, confident and demanding, all in the nicest possible way.  I was struck by her confidence and positive outlook from the moment I met her.  I could not decide which pose captured her best.  On reflection they all do, yet they only scratch the surface of this amazing lady who is influenced by the power and magic of the lion and the unicorn.

Thank you Bev for your wonderful candour in telling me your journey.  So very glad I met you!  I am very enriched!

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Sue - her body is adorned with dragonflies, some 16 of them (maybe I lost count!), so I captured the two of most visual significance for me as an artist but that does not deminish the importance of the others on her wrists, back and feet.

The dragonfly symbolises tranformation and life's ever-constant process of change and re-enforces a sense of self belief that comes with maturity.

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In describing her journey I can see why Sue loves these designs, each describing a new chapter in her life, celebrating her wonderful family and shedding light on her promising future.  All the very best to you and yours Sue!

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Sheza - she has the most amazing body art, complemented by equally her amazing beauty.  Very shy, very demure, a lovable lady who graciously accepted my request to capture her body art and her beauty in one image.

It was a real honour and a pleasure to be able to sketch someone who exudes jaw-dropping beauty inside and out.

I have never met this amazing lady personally but I know her body art as intimately as the original artist as it took many days to re-create.

Enjoy the full size version by clicking the image.

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Patty - I have yet to meet this amazing lady, one day I hope to.  She wanted me to sketch her as I saw her in a favourite Baby Doll design she sent to me via her mobile phone (technology huh).  Well I could not resist the request!  Except my dress design only resembles hers by the pink ribbons and the rest is a very unique design constructed in art and nowhere to be seen in the shops.  It compliments her amazing figure beautifully.  This sketch is as unique as she is and I enjoyed every minute (of every hour, of every day) doing this work!

Call me a nit picker but the devil is in the detail, from her lovely hair, hazel eyes, pink nails and thoroughly kissable lips!  A lucky man is out there waiting for her and once she has weeded her way through the usual mailstrom of wannabees, she will find him.

Thank you for letting me sketch you Patty!  One of my most fun sketches to date.  having never met you in person, you certainly did stretch my imagination!




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Pamela - this wonderful lady has lived a challenging life that most of us could barely imagine. As I often discover, the life essence behind such a person is much more than meets the eye.  This lady has lived more than most of us would ever dream of with memories and memorabilia adorned around her body with art and scars to tell a thousand stories.

She has been gifted with some lucky breaks during her life.  She is still gracing the world with her presence after many brushes with death and despite her self-expectation that she won't see old age, I have captured wonderful images of her that will immortalise her beauty, her grace for the rest of us to enjoy although I have no doubt she will outlive the rest of us with her determination.

When I first met Pamela it was an hour before she smiled, but when she smiled..... a thousand suns could not have emulated the brightness and warmth that radiated from her.

May you live forever beautiful miss........


My intriguing Mystery Lady - there is so much to say about this lady I can only best portray her as a very complex graphical metaphor in terms of who she is and what she seeks.  

She is one of the most wonderfully engaging and intelligent people I have ever met.  One of the most complex and challenging people I have ever met.  One of the most frustrating yet likeable people I have ever met.  I say all of that with the greatest respect.

I doubt there is a living woman more alpha than she is.  She is truly one of a kind. She deserves the happiness she seeks and more.  I hope she finds it.

She is from very special star dust.  


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Jacki - My lovely friend who I finally got around to sketching after a whole year of promising to realise my vision of her (sorry for the delay!).  She is probably one of the most naughty rabbits I have had the pleasure to meet.  Her partner must surely be in heaven or he would require a check up from the neck up and an eye test!  So easy to talk too, great listener, non judgemental, open minded, understanding and forgiving.

We have probably had a million coffees together and she has listened to me talk total shit for many hours, yet she puts up with my comatosing ramblings with fixated interest.  She is a wonderful mother of a grown up daughter and son whom she has nurtured and mentored through thick and thin.

Well I hope you like your sketch (finally) Jacki.  You will no doubt summonse an army of admirers so I will buy you a 'take a ticket' machine for your birthday so you can keep them formed in an orderly queue!


My friend Jules drawn how she has imagined herself to be when she is in a naughty mood. I brought her fantasy to reality!  Beautiful!


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Suzi's Body Art

Suzi's forearm body art - click for larger image


My friend Suzi has been an inspiration to my work in may ways - her hair, her body art, her inner beauty that radiates to the outside.  Click the images for more detail.








I LOVE sketching tattoos as you can tell!  The more intricate the better - my wonderful friend Dee shows the way!

Click any picture for full size.......



I saw a picture of Alli in some online personals - as you can see she has a very unique tattoo set, all with their own personal stories.  

My most intricate tattoo sketch yet!  Took 6 weeks, enjoyed every second.  One happy Alli when she saw the result!  

Click any picture for full detail.....


Alli wanted her wedding ring and eternity ring added for the icing on the cake, along with a naval ring.  Happy to oblige !

You can click onto my friend Amy's image opposite to see the full detail version.  She is so very naturally pretty.  I spent more time on her lips, facial features and eyes.  She makes you melt when she stares at you.









Amanda.........just Amanda (another figment of my imagination).